K-Pop Girl Group, PRISTIN, Disbands After 2 Years

K-Pop Girl Group, PRISTIN, Disbands After 2 Years

K-Pop girl group, PRISTIN, who debuted in March 2017 under PLEDIS Entertainment, officially announced the group has disbanded today. Of the 10 members, only Zhou Jieqiong (周洁琼) or Kyulkyung, Yehana (Kim Yewon), and Seungyeon remain with the company, while the other 7 members have decided to terminate their contract.

Zhou Jieqiong Responds to Lawsuit Brought by PLEDIS Entertainment for Breach of Contract

According to PLEDIS, the company and the group had a long discussion and ultimately decided to disband today. They expressed, “It’s a pity to have to tell this news to those who have supported the group. This was a decision the members made after a long consideration. In the end, we decided to respect the member’s opinions.”

Credit: ETtoday.net, PRISTIN IG

2 thoughts on “K-Pop Girl Group, PRISTIN, Disbands After 2 Years

  1. Too many members in a group and none of them stand out lol they are probably better off disbanding and doing their own thing.

    1. First of all, that’s not very nice, especially to the former PRISTIN members. Secondly, PLEDIS Entertainment also have a group called SEVENTEEN with 13 members, which is 3 members more than PRISTIN had, and they’ve been doing well for the past 5 years and will continue to do so, especially this year, SEVENTEEN are now a million seller from their newest album, Heng : Garæ.

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