Netizens aren’t Impressed with Joker Xue’s Body

Netizens Aren't Impressed with Joker Xue's Body

Chinese singer, Joker Xue (薛之謙), gained immense popularity with his song, “Actor” (演員). The singer recently finished his world tour. At one particular concert, pictures of him ripping off his shirt were shared online recently. It caused quite the commotion, but not necessarily what you might think.

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Joker Xue’s “Skyscrapers” world tour, ended its last stop in Hong Kong on May 19th. At one point, he starts to rip off his shirt, but struggles for a bit. He reveals his upper body, but some netizens weren’t exactly thrilled with his body. Netizens left comments such as: “That tummy, please, you’re already over 30.”, “Where does he get the confidence?”, I vomited at that fatty meat.”, “If you don’t have [XXX]’s muscles, don’t imitate them.” However, he had some supporters, saying, “Who hasn’t gained weight before?”, “What fans like isn’t his body. If you don’t like it, then don’t click into it.”

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Credit:, Joker Xue Weibo