Bernice Liu and Power Chan Go Head to Head in ViuTV’s “Showman’s Show”

Bernice Liu and Power Chan Go Head to Head in ViuTV's "Showman's Show"

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) and Power Chan (陳國邦) star in ViuTV’s new 100 episode sitcom, “Showman’s Show” (娛樂風雲). The two of them play executives at an entertainment company and are competing head to head for the trust of their boss, played by Ben Yuen (袁富華). Power Chan says his character, “Bruno”, is a bit different from the ones he usually plays as he is the head of the film division, so he needs to care about his appearance.

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As for Bernice Liu, she plays “Mary Jeh”, who is a celebrity manager. She says, “The character is very similar to my relationship with my nephews. I would be mean sometimes and then be nice to them like friends the other times. I’d be concerned about their recent conditions. Since I still look young, I could bring them to bars.”

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Bernice Liu will also be working with a lot of her juniors, she says, “I have to learn from them because they are really good with social media. I don’t dare to fall asleep on set because they would really upload the pictures on the internet.” ViuTV artist, Brian Chan (陳安立), who plays an artist managed by Bernice Liu in the series says, “In the series she is a good manager. Maybe because she is always taking care of others in reality, unknowingly, she is is taking care of us like kids.”

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The series also stars Loretta Lee (李麗珍) and Shaopin Tsui (徐肇平).

Credit:, ViuTV FB