Shaopin Tsui and Bernice Liu Got Along Well While Filming “Till Death Do Us Part”

Shaopin Tsui and Bernice Liu Got Along Well While Filming Till Death Do Us Part

ViuTV’s new series, “Till Death Do Us Part” (婚內情), is currently airing. Aside from Sunny Chan and Sheren Tang’s (鄧萃雯) storyline, there is also a storyline focused on Bernice Liu and Shaopin Tsui’s (徐肇平) characters. In the series, Shaopin Tsui is madly in love with Bernice Liu and even proposes to her. Shaopin Tsui shares he got along well with Bernice Liu and explains, “Because we both studied overseas. We actually filmed together before and have bumped into each other at different venues before. There are a lot of discussion topics this time around. Her two younger female cousins and I actually went to the same school.”

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While Shaopin Tsui (徐肇平) might not be familiar to the public, he is actually veteran Hong Kong actor, Gigi Wong’s (黃淑儀) son. He has filmed for TVB before, but in recent years, he has been working hard to develop his own career without relying on his mother’s reputation. Aside from filming for ViuTV, he has filmed several of series and advertisements. He expresses gratitude to those who have given him opportunities and hopes to continue to improve and grow.

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As for working with Sheren Tang, this is his time working with her, but says she is willing to teach, making him gain a lot of knowledge. He says, “She treats me extremely well. She would think of me at the filming location and give me a lot of tips and advice, allowing me to gain a lot.”

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