Qin Lan Shares Her Impression of Upcoming Co-Star, Godfrey Gao

Qin Lan Shares Her Impression of Upcoming Co-Star, Godfrey Gao

Chinese actress Qin Lan (秦岚) was at an event in Hong Kong today. The Hong Kong media took the opportunity to ask her about the upcoming collaboration with Taiwanese actor, Godfrey Gao (高以翔) in a new series called, “We Are All Alone” (怪你过分美丽). As this is their first collaboration together, reporters asked if she is looking forward to working with Godfrey Gao. Qin Lan responds, “The script is pretty good, it’s a very different character.”

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When asked if Godfrey Gao is her type, Qin Lan responds, “I don’t really know him that well because we haven’t worked together before.” As for his outer appearance, Qin Lan says “not bad, pretty good looking.” On whether she would be afraid of having rumors with Godfrey Gao, Qin Lan says, “Probably not. I am older than him.” Then reporters asked if Qin Lan was averse to dating younger men, she replies, “It’s alright. It’s hard for me to consider private matters when I am working. My work partners usually become my good brothers. Even handsome men will become my brothers. So I also feel helpless.”

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Reporters then change the trajectory and start asking Qin Lan on when she plans to get married. She replies, “You can’t rush this! If you rush into it, it’s very easy to choose the wrong person. That’s why you have to patiently wait for the right person to appear. So I believe in fate.”

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