Gigi Wong Has Seen a Lot of “Girl Friends” Shaopin Tsui Has Brought Home

Gigi Wong Has Seen a Lot of "Girl Friends" Shaopin Tsui Has Brought Home

Veteran actress, Gigi Wong (黃淑儀), was at a promotional event for her new web cooking show, “Gigi’s Pot of Love” (Gigi煮野) recently. When asked about her son, Shaopin Tsui’s (徐肇平) love life, she responded, “I don’t know either. He has a lot of girlfriends. I’ve seen quite a few. I might think they are girlfriends, but Shaopin might think they are just friends. If he says he has friends coming up, then I go out for a bit.” (Maybe he wants you to cook?) “No, it wouldn’t be. He only likes to eat Western cuisine and doesn’t eat Chinese cuisine. So he probably does want me to leave for a bit.” (So does he choose his girlfriends that like Chinese cuisine or Western cuisine?) “I don’t know his taste, but his previous ones were all Chinese.”

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When mentioning Shaopin Tsui being frozen by TVB after not renewing his contract with them, Gigi Wong says, “There was such an incident. I was really aching for my son at the time. Why did he have to go through such a hardship when he first came to Hong Kong? After all, he is interested in this industry. But right now he is pretty happy working at ViuTV. He has filmed a few series already.” On whether he is happier working at ViuTV, Gigi Wong laughs and says, “You can say it like that.”

Gigi Wong also shared Shaopin Tsui studied performing arts in Canada and felt he would be able to learn more in a Chinese society. She also told him that he can’t think about achieving success overnight and that he can’t have special treatment just because he is her son. Gig Wong says, “I also hope he can start from the bottom and work his way up. I always tell him don’t be late for work, always be polite, and have a good work ethic.”

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On whether Shaopin Tsui would join her show, Gigi Wong said, “As of right now, no. He is filming “Showman’s Show” (娛樂風雲) right now. If not, I would’ve brought him to support. So that’s why today, my on screen son is here to support me.” As Gigi Wong’s second son just got married recently, when asked if she would cook for her new daughter in law, she said, “We don’t have much interaction because she’s busy working at a law firm. But she likes to eat my cooking. I also created cookbooks that are convenient for office workers to cook.”

Credit:, Apple Daily HK, IG