Edmond Leung and Venus Wong Star in ViuTV Series, “Me Too”

Edmond Leung and Venus Wong Star in New ViuTV Series, "Me Too"

Edmond Leung (梁漢文), Venus Wong (王敏奕), Angie Cheong (張慧儀), and others were on location filming for new ViuTV series, “Me Too” today. The series is about sexual harassment, hence the title name. Edmond Leung plays a successful designer with a lot of temptation around him. He’s married with kids, but also has a long time mistress. He ends up having relations with a fan, played by Venus Wong. There will be a storyline with Edmond Leung and Angie Cheong where they had sex after getting drunk.

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Edmond Leung revealed, “I’ve never had so much temptation. It’s not fun at all. Men don’t need to be envious. It was hard to endure some scenes. Venus Wong and I filmed a rape scene in a haunted house filled with the smell of sweat. It was hard to endure.”

He also revealed he was a victim of sexual harassment. It happened while working in the mainland. Edmond Leung jokingly said, “It’s not a big deal. This is what happens with staging work. There was a bit of chaos when I left the stage. Someone touched me a few times and even pinched me. I am very sturdy, don’t need to worry about my butt.”

As for Angie Cheong, she revealed, “My character is a single and successful career woman. It’s very similar to my real life age. She’s realistic, down to earth, and very explosive.” Angie Cheong says she hasn’t experienced sexual harassment in real life before, but emphasized if it did happen, she would seek out the heaviest punishment. She explains, “With my personality, I wouldn’t just let it go.”

Venus Wong, who is currently filming two series simultaneously revealed she lost 10 pounds. Because boyfriend, Derek Tsang (曾國祥), is also busy promoting his film, they haven’t seen each other often in the past two months. She reveals the most intense storyline is her being violated by Edmond Leung’s character, but only found out about the scene after filming started. She explains, “My boyfriend knows about the theme of the series, but doesn’t know about the intensity. This is my first time filming scenes like this. I did share it with him, but he asked me why I didn’t tell him I would be treated like this.” She also said the crew members did all the safety precautions and ensured she was comfortable.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Ming Pao, Edmond Leung IG, Venus Wong IG