Netizens Dig Up Dirt on 2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant, Mina Yeung

Netizens Dig Up Dirt on 2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant, Mina Yeung

Mina Yeung is one of the contestants in the 2019 Miss Hong Kong (香港小姐) pageant. She was previously nominated by Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), who was crowned as the first place winner at the 2016 Miss Hong Kong pageant. It turns out the two were senior/junior classmates. Unfortunately, once Mina Yeung (楊慧敏) was announced as one of the 15 contestants, netizens started to air her dirty laundry on the internet.

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Apple Daily HK said they received a tip from someone who claims to be Mina Yeung’s primary school classmate. She mentioned, “She was already a loner back then. She once used her leg to rub against a male classmate’s foot that was sitting next to her. There was also a class trip at a BBQ. When playing games, she suggested the loser take off their clothes. After she finished college, she went to become a flight attendant. However, before a year was up, she had too much of “princess syndrome”, so she was excluded by the others. She would always order male colleagues to help her put her luggage through the X-Ray. She was unhappy so she started doing multi-level marketing.”

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Mina Yeung spoke to about her history and she explained, “At that time, I was a really good student. I really liked to do annoying things that made people hate me back then. I would raise my hand and ask the teacher if I could have more homework. I wanted to prepare well for the public exams. I would ask my teacher if we could have more pop quizzes. Maybe back then I was a girl who liked to improve a lot. Maybe it was this that made my classmates unhappy.”

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As for the accusations of having “princess syndrome,” Mina Yeung explained it’s a misunderstanding. She reveals her communication skills and ability to express herself weren’t good back then, but she has been trying hard to improve herself. She also explains, “Being a flight attendant was my first job. Maybe because I was still new, I really didn’t know their rules. There really were some problems at the time. Like passing out the meals, I would give the wrong meal to the passenger. As for suggesting to take clothes off during a game at a class trip, I don’t recall saying this.”

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She also denied rumors of discord with Crystal Fung. When asked if she would ask for some tips from Crystal Fung, she responded, “I think joining the pageant, it has to be fair. I can’t ask her just because I know her. It would be unfair to the other contestants.”

Credit:, Apple Daily HK,, IG