Li Ronghao Successfully Proposes to Rainie Yang

Li Ronghao Successfully Proposes to Rainie Yang

Chinese singer, Li Ronghao (李荣浩), celebrated his 34th birthday and his engagement to Taiwanese singer, Rainie Yang (杨丞琳), today as he successfully proposed to her! The singer posted pictures of their engagement on his social media accounts and said: “Today is my 34th birthday and also my engagement anniversary. Thank you for agreeing to marry me.” Rainie Yang had earlier wished him a happy birthday saying: “This man is 34 years old today. Happy Birthday.”

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The couple had announced their relationship four years ago. While it may not seem like it, but Rainie Yang is actually older than Li Ronghao by a year. Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang were already rumored to be dating starting in 2014, but Rainie Yang’s manager just said they were friends. However, Li Ronghao had posted an intimate picture of him and Rainie Yang on Weibo in February 2015, but later deleted it. In the coming months, the two would wish each other a happy birthday. It wasn’t until September 21, 2015 that Li Ronghao announced he was dating Rainie Yang while filming for a show.

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Li Ronghao Successfully Proposes to Rainie Yang

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Rainie Yang once shared on the Tencent variety show, “Heart Signal II” (心动的信号 II), Li Ronghao’s looks were not her cup of tea, but admitted she was initially interested in his height and frame. She revealed she doesn’t first look at someone’s face, but actually looks at their height and frame first. Rainie Yang shared, “His height and frame is what I admire the most.” As for Li Ronghao’s “small eyes,” she admitted, “In terms of looks, his are completely different from what I used to look at first glance.” However, she continues to say, “I am definitely used to his looks now. It’s quite good.” Rainie Yang also listed Li Ronghao’s wisdom and high EQ as reasons for making her heart flutter. She revealed, “I think it’s really rare to meet a guy who you would ask if this matches with these shoes when you go out.”

A flood of celebrities congratulated the couple. Nine Percent and NEX7’s Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) had a particular quirky message he left on Li Ronghao’s Weibo post: “It’s a Rainie Day, Teacher Li Ronghao Happy Birthday! You must be happy!”

Li Ronghao Successfully Proposes to Rainie Yang_Fan Chengcheng Congratulates Li Ronghao on Proposal

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