Crystal Fung and Doctor Boyfriend Split Up

Crystal Fung and Doctor Boyfriend Split Up

TVB actress Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) is on the market again. She dropped the bomb on Instagram about her break up from her doctor boyfriend, Martin (鍾文浩), of four years. Her post read:

“From the beginning of 2015
We’ve encouraged each other, helped each other throughout these four years.
We’ve experienced a lot of highs and lows.
Witnessed each other at different stages
In the days to come
Even though we are no longer a couple
We will still support each other
And bless each other’s future.”

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Crystal Fung was at the blessing ceremony for her new series, “Sinister Beings” (逆天奇案) today. When reporters asked about the break up, she expressed it was a peaceful and rational break up. She revealed the break up happened in December and there were no third parties. It was a mutual decision to split up and they have returned to being friends.

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As for their love nest in which Crystal Fung helped contribute to the down payment, Crystal Fung expressed they have already moved out and there will be a plan to handle the property. When asked if they bought the property together, Crystal Fung responded, “These are pretty deep questions.” They mentioned the property only has her ex-boyfriend’s name on it. Crystal Fung says, “There is a plan that will be fair to everyone.”

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Crystal Fung held back her tears and expressed, “It was pretty happy these past few years. We’re thankful for these 4 years. We held each other up and grew up together. There are no negative emotions. Very thankful and fortunate to have met him.” When asked if the break up was triggered by intimate scenes with Jonathan Cheung (張頴康) in “The Man Who Kills Troubles”, Crystal Fung denied it and said, “It didn’t really have that much to do with work. He has been supporting me all along. Thanks to him for always understanding and tolerating.” On the rumors that she “stole” someone else’s boyfriend before, Crystal Fung mentioned they saw those comments and said they were nonsense.

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Credit:, Crystal Fung IG

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