Mark Ma and Jan Tse Officially Leaving “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold”

Mark Ma and Jan Tse Officially Leaving "Come Home Love - Lo and Behold"

Sigh, one of our favorite on-screen couples, the “Professor and Mandy” CP, played by Mark Ma (馬貫東) and Jan Tse (謝芷倫) respectively, are officially leaving “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞) for an unspecified amount of time. The two are leaving temporarily due to other filming commitments. Rumors of Jan Tse leaving the show were first circulated last September when she was missing from the poster at a promotional event. Then in October, her character was written out for three months under the storyline that she was going to jail after being sabotaged by “Jenny.”

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In yesterday’s episode, “Mandy” was released from prison, but is going to England to pursue law. “Professor” decides to go away with her since he had already proposed to “Mandy” when she was in prison. The couple’s storyline officially ended after “Professor” tells Lau Dan’s (劉丹) character he is quitting to be with “Mandy.”

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Jan Tse dedicated a post to “Mandy on Instagram with the caption: “I will try to come back after I complete my studies. I truly thank each and everyone of you for your support.”

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Mark Ma also made a lengthy post saying: “”Come Home Love” gave me a lot. Aside from precious acting experience, I also met a bunch of “family members.” To all my seniors and the crew members who have taught me, tolerated me, supported me and encouraged me and let me benefited from, I am truly grateful. I am working hard to learn everyday. I am one step closer each day. I am leaving briefly for now. I hope in the near future, a better Mark Ma will come back to this home.”

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Mark Ma spoke to Ming Pao Daily about his departure and when asked about the rumors that he was written out because he offended a producer, he says, “There are a lot of speculations. I am sorry for making everyone worry. It’s because I have to film another series, so I am leaving temporarily. After filming the new series, I hope I can return to “Come Home Love.”

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A producer on “Come Home Love” also clarified the rumors. He said, “Don’t worry, everybody. They will come back! This was planned so it wouldn’t be too hard for the actors. They have to film other series. Once they’re finished, we will have plans to write them back in. Actors on “Lo and Behold” have always been in demand.”

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  1. Aww…I’ll miss this couple. They were very cute together on the show. I hope they’ll be brought back before the series ends.

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