Xiao Zhan Responds to Opposition Over Rumors He Jiong Invited Him to Guest on “Back to Field”

Xiao Zhan (肖战) surprised his fans on April 24 when he released his bi-lingual single, “Made to Love” (光点). The song did really well on the charts and spread a lot of positivity. However, it has been 2 months since the AO3 scandal and still there are people very upset at him for what had transpired. On April 27, there were rumors circulating that popular TV host, He Jiong (何炅), had invited Xiao Zhan to be a guest on the upcoming fourth season of his variety show, “Back to Field” (向往的生活).

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The rumors went viral with a lot of people leaving comments saying they wouldn’t support He Jiong anymore. One person said, “If He-laoshi is really helping him clean his image, I will never watch one more thing of He-laoshi’s in this lifetime!”. An entertainment blogger was reportedly also bombarded with questions and comments about Xiao Zhan joining the show. He responded back, “My cell phone is vibrating to death! There’s no him, no! Don’t tag me anymore!”.

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He Jiong started trending on Weibo because of this. Xiao Zhan issued a post seemingly in response to the rumors and the backlash He Jiong was suffering. He said, “Made everyone upset, don’t hurt others.” Xiao Zhan’s studio also reposted his message and said, “Please stop slandering and creating rumors.”

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