Heated Debate Amongst Netizens Over Rumors of Xiao Zhan, Zheng Shuang, and Ju Jingyi Starring in New Drama, “Chun Ri Yan”

It has been a tumultuous March for Xiao Zhan (肖战) ever since the AO3 scandal became the talking point amongst every fandom. Not only did Xiao Zhan suffer from the backlash resulting from the closure of AO3, he also suffered the death of his maternal grandfather during this time. His popularity might’ve taken a hit with a lot of “passerby fans” or “pedestrian fans” who said they became his antis and vowed never to buy anything he endorses.

Xiao Zhan Continues to Suffer Backlash from the AO3 Controversy

Ju Jingyi Addresses Being Labeled “Once in 4000 Years Beauty” for the First Time

Everything seemed quiet on Xiao Zhan’s end while the Chinese entertainment industry was slowly starting to resume operations now that COVID-19 is seemingly under control in China. Recently, there were news of his official fan club doing charity work with the help of his studio. There were leaks of his scenes with Li Qin from their series, “The Wolf”. Someone also leaked pictures from his BAZAAR magazine photoshoot a few days ago. All this points to a possible “comeback” for Xiao Zhan, if you can even call it that.

Chinese Actor, Xia Fan, Makes Mysterious Post Attacking Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan Releases Inspirational Single, “Made to Love”

On March 25, there were rumors that Xiao Zhan would be starring in a series with Zheng Shuang (郑爽), called “Chun Ri Yan” (春日宴), which is translated as “Spring Day Banquet”. The series is based on a novel of the same name. It talks about a princess, “Li Huaiyu” (李怀玉), who has caused havoc to the imperial court and the people for over 8 years. She is arrogant, and hated by everyone. She is sentenced to death by the emperor after being accused of plotting a murder against a high ranking court official. She reincarnates into the body of the fourth daughter of the “Bai” family. “Li Huaiyu” tries to seek revenge by getting close to the lord, “Jiang Xuanjin” (江玄瑾), who she thought was the one that gave her the poisonous drink to die. The two get to know each other while seeking revenge and searching for the truth. They develop a relationship where they love and want to kill each other.

Zheng Shuang Reveals Reason for Her Extreme Weight Loss

Official poster released by the production team

Zheng Shuang and Boyfriend, Zhang Heng, Rumored to Have Broke Up

Fans were ecstatic Xiao Zhan was tied to a new project as they were worried the scandal would affect his work opportunities. A lot of netizens also expressed interest in seeing Xiao Zhan and Zheng Shuang working together. There were also a lot of netizens calling for Ju Jingyi (鞠婧祎) to star as the female lead. However, it was noticed that the account runners of the official Weibo account for the series had been deleting the comments that were in support of Zheng Shuang starring as the female lead.

Yang Yang Sends Birthday Greetings to Zheng Shuang at Her Birthday Party

Many fans think the male lead is Xiao Zhan based on the similarities from the poster and his costume from “Oh! My Emperor”

Former SNH48 Member, Ju Jingyi, Suspected of Getting Plastic Surgery

Many of Zheng Shuang’s fans felt the production team was taking advantage of their idol’s popularity to draw interest in the series. They left comments saying “Why did you string Zheng Shuang along? Made her get yelled at by people.” Many of the comments that remained were in support of Xiao Zhan and Ju Jingyi starring together and said they would be suitable for the roles. A minority of fans also said even if Xiao Zhan doesn’t end up working on this series, they are still happy for him to be recognized.

“QingCheng” CP to Reunite? Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang Rumored to Star in New Fantasy Costume Drama, “Zhu Yan”

Netizens think the female lead will be Ju Jingyi based on the similarities from the poster and her dressed up in costume.

Xiao Zhan’s Studio Issues Apology and Takes Blame for Not Guiding His Fans Well

Ju Jingyi in costume

Xiao Zhan Addresses AO3 Incident and Talks about His Relationship with Fans

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  1. Hater should be slap with a blackpink song How you like that and of course i would choose Xiao Zhan and Ju Jingyi do thise drama together

  2. toda noticia relacionada a Xiao Zhan debe ser leída, Zhan regresará con mucha energía y superará todo este problema, él puede hacerlo y lo hará, lo esperaremos y cuando regrese lo apoyaremos con todo lo que podamos para que el salga adelante con esa hermosa sonrisa y esa bellísima mirada y podamos verlo en escenario otra vez ZhanZhan tu puedes
    YOU ARE THE BEST, FOREVER, and Handsome😍😍😍.

  3. We are waiting for your return and we will buy all the products you endorse.

    You deserve happiness and better. Please be strong for your fan. Nothing can harm a good person like you.

    Thai fans are so worried about you. We don’t wanna see you are bullied any longer.

    Love you no matter what.

    Kate Yi Fang

  4. XIAO ZHAN, I know right now you have a lot of pressured, stress and feel lonely and feeling betray. But don’t worry, you going to pass it and overcome this matter. Just believe in your self. Take care of your self, as of your mind and your body. Don’t think to much about what happen, be positive. I know you are a good person in and out, think about all of it is a challenge for you to moving forward. Show them who you really are, show them that you work hard for the best and become a very good actor and you did it in the past. I know you can do it. I love you, love your work and always support you. And don’t forget to keep smiling because your smile make my heart warm and make my day. I will wait for you to come back. Fighting and we fight together.

  5. He is such a good actor he doesn’t deserve what people are doing to him.As a true and sincere fan I will
    continue to support him in his new works ❤

    They really need to stop bringing him down.He is a great actor and I pray that soon everything positively come on his way. When he suffers we fan suffer with him.You are not alone in this Xian Zhan.I love you and will always stand by your side in this difficult moment ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Xian Zhan is so precious 😇
    Stay strong 💪💪💪💪

  6. Go Xiao Zhan❤❤❤❤❤ indeed there are a lot of fans hurting your heart but I’m not the only one here who is still supporting whatever you will do ,loving you as always and will always respect your silence for your privacy ❤❤❤❤

    1. Honestly i’m not worried about his popularity or work, The situation is not as bas as this article & dôme older zones make it seem! Xz is still very strong popularity wise he’s still topping all popularity or endorsement charts & is still frequently trending on social media a lot of fans have been working really hard to support his endorsement & clean the fandom’s reputation! & the amount of people hating him isn’t as big as we think either… & it was even shown that the news about him being abandoned by his endorsers was fake since later they had posted about him again & denied stopping their work with him! If news are true we’ll luckily have at least three already confirmed projects this year (douluo continent, the wolf & the oath of love which are all on the list of the most anticipated projects this year) plus the leaks about his photoshoot that’ll surely come out so he still has a lot of occasions to come back even stronger than before! Now all we have to do is be patient & wait for his returns when he’ll be ready

  7. Stay Strong Sean Ge..
    Your fans not only base in China.. We here from around world. We are your International Fans. especially me, i’m your Dimples (Xnine) to Suibian forever..

  8. I think they should leave Xiao Zhan alone, he’s brought his career up since he started, I watched him before he even starred in Untamed and thought he was getting off to a good start, love his singing, listened to him when he was in X-Nine, I’ve even listen to him when the group was chosen, he’s came a long way , So sorry for his loss, from everything I’ve ever heard family is important to him, love what you do, fan from the 🇺🇸

  9. It is a great news to hear that Xiao Zhan will be getting more role. He so deserve it. The start of the year has not being great for him and I only wishes and hope that things will get better for him. I hope he is well and not let negativity get to him.

    He deserve more and those “passerby fans” and “pedestrian fans” has no right to say anything when they don’t know the person. Hearsay is the root of all evil. He’s the most honest and gentle person and this is why he kept to himself. Silence is golden.

    I miss you Xiao Zhan. Take care. ❤️💗❤️

  10. Ya tuhan… Aku berharap yang terbaik untuk xiao zhan….. Orang ” yang dibalik menyebarkan rumor itu, aku harap mereka segera di hukum… Mereka sangat jahat, bagaimana mereka bisa melakukan hal kotor seperti itu.

  11. Xiao zhan has great potential.. I want to see thousand of his works…May God be with him in these tough times

  12. I just want to know when will he be back at work, he’s the only actor I follow. He has been suffering from cyber attacks from paid haters for well over a month. He lost some endorsements, projects, all thanks to the haters who continues to spread rumors.

  13. Yay for Xiao Zhan! So sorry about his grandfather… not easy dealing with netizen mess. Haters can drink all the haterade they want. Honestly, would not prefer either actress with him but I’d watch it regardless.

  14. OMG
    I don’t understand anymore !
    Are the fans or haters this effective/ powerful ?
    If it’s true so scary !!!!
    Help me god – I just want to hear good news for XZ …

    1. These haters are basically paid-haters. They are paid to spread rumours and hate around. That’s their everyday-job. So just ignore those baseless, nasty rumours. If you support Xiao Zhan, keep on voting for him, buy his endorsements, watch his dramas and listen to his music. Stay out of the ‘drama’ haters trying to pull you in.

    2. Hi hi – Loving him has no limit , 80/90 yo love him too .. ( so proud for his parents)
      our love bloom bcos of him w lots of reasons or no reason at all.
      There are lots of actors around the world handsome, great talents including singing dancing BUT
      Inside out he’s the best………..no wonder more int’l fans dearly love him………

      1. Haha my answer was supposed to be in YouTube, answering to
        Somebody mentioning about age !!!!!
        My mix -up comment !!! Excuse me pls……

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