Ju Jingyi Addresses Being Labeled “Once in 4000 Years Beauty” for the First Time

Ju Jingyi Addresses Being Labeled "Once in 4000 Years Beauty" for the First Time

Chinese actress, Ju Jingyi (鞠婧祎), debuted in 2013 as a member of SNH48.  She was one of the more popular members of SNH48 during her tenure with the group.  In 2014, she was even given the label “Once in 4000 Years Beauty” by the media, which was a heavily debated topic at the time.  In 2016, she made her acting debut with “Novoland: The Castle in the Sky”.  She left SNH48 in 2017 and continued to develop her flourishing acting career while still under Star48 Culture & Media Co.

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Ju Jingyi was a guest on Episode 5 of variety show, “Youth Periplous 2” (青春环游记2). While dining with the cast members, she mentions her aspirations on being a comedian. This prompted someone to ask her why she was called “Once in 4000 Years Beauty” at the time.  This elicited a very strong response from Ju Jingyi, “How do I know?”.

Yang Di (杨迪) then asks her how this title came about.  Ju Jingyi explained, “It seems to have come from someone in Japan.  At that time, China didn’t really have any idol groups.  What I remember from what the news reported was something along the lines of “Once in 4000 years female idol.”  When it spread back to China, the rumors became even more exaggerated.”  When Yang Di says to Ju Jingyi that she has probably explained this quite a few times already, she responds, “I’ve never explained it before.  I’ve never said it before.  Probably because my company wanted to avoid answering this question. So just leave it be.”

What really happened was back in 2014, Japan held a survey for the “Number 1 Chinese Beauty”.  It somehow got interpreted by the media as “Once in 4000 years, a Chinese idol is born.”  Because of this incident, many people focused their attention to this title.  Ju Jingyi once said in a 2017 interview after going solo that, “The biggest pressure from this incident is that you have this gimmick now.  Other people will view you with a biased point of view.  Everyone cares about it too much which gave me a lot of pressure.  I feel I am actually quite ordinary.”


Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), ZJTV Youtube

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    1. every one is jealous to ju jing yi… since she a star now.. what ever the media called her.. its their opinion… you cannot please eveybody.. shes good in acting her beauty is outstanding… besides mostof the actress in china is plastic surgery… like sheng shuang.. shiao luzi and many more.. leave her alone people

    1. i dont think thats the picture of ju jing yi… if ever nothings wrong if she like to make herself beautiful.. koreans actor and actress are all go under plastic surgery… many chinese actress do it too

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