Wallace Chung Joins Lay Zhang, Jackson Wang, and Wang Yibo as the Fourth Leader on “Street Dance of China” S3

Wallace Chung Joins Lay Zhang, Jackson Wang, and Wang Yibo as the Fourth Leader on "Street Dance of China" S3

Youku used all their ammunition with the leaders they chose for the third season of “Street Dance of China” ((这!就是街舞3). Before the show announced its line up, a director of the show had confirmed alum Jackson Yee would not be returning to Season 3 due to other filming commitments. Though he and Jackson Yee’s studio were hopeful to work with each other in the future.

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Lay Zhang was the first leader announced on the show. He was already tapped to be the producer of Youku’s male idol survival show, “We Are Young 2020”. The second and third leaders, Jackson Wang and Wang Yibo, were announced a day apart from each other. At that time, the rumors swirling was that Vanness Wu would be the fourth leader. However, Youku broke the sequence in consecutively announcing their leaders when it came to the 4th leader.

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Wallace Chung

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During this lapse, it was widely rumored Hong Kong actor/singer, Wallace Chung (鍾漢良), was tapped to be the fourth leader. However, the rumors didn’t seem credible as Wallace Chung wouldn’t particularly be associated to street dancing, despite him starting out his career as a dancer. There is also a big age gap between Wallace Chung and the other three leaders.

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Wallace Chung b. 1974
Lay Zhang b. 1991
Jackson Wang b. 1994
Wang Yibo b. 1997

Lo and behold, many netizens, including myself, were floored when Youku announced Wallace Chung as the fourth leader on May 22.

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There were also rumors Wallace Chung had replaced Show Luo’s spot after his cheating scandal. There is also an interesting story Show Luo once shared publicly. He was a backup dancer for Wallace Chung back in the day. However, they only worked together one time. Show Luo claimed Wallace Chung’s record company didn’t like him hogging up the camera too much and tried to take away Wallace Chung’s thunder. As a result, the company never used him again. Whether this is true or rumors just drummed up for drama, it still makes for interesting gossip fodder.

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