Japanese Dance Crew, TwiggzFam, Denies Wang Yibo Lost His Temper at “Street Dance of China” Director

Japanese Dance Crew, TwiggzFam, Denies Wang Yibo Lost His Temper at "Street Dance of China" Director

Drama is already drumming up for Youku’s “Street Dance of China 3” (这就是街舞3). This is a highly anticipated season due to the entirely new celebrity leaders in Lay Zhang (张艺兴), Jackson Wang (王嘉尔), Wang Yibo (王一博) and Wallace Chung (钟汉良). The first recording for the show was recently filmed and there were rumors circulating that Wang Yibo had lost his temper at a “Street Dance of China” director after losing a krumping battle.

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A representative from the Japanese dance crew, TwiggzFam, responded to the rumors on their official Weibo account on May 27. They explained the Japanese members weren’t able to join the show due to the outbreak. They also expressed they were already looking forward to meeting Wang Yibo, “who has dabbled in Krump before.”

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They continued to explain: “According to reliable information from one of our krumpers who was part of the recording, they saw with their own eyes that there were more than one artist purely krumping on the show. There were two. In fact, Wang Yibo publicly talked about krumping for the first time. As for the details, everyone will know after the show airs. But the rumors of Wang Yibo losing his temper at a director after losing are “purely rumors”. I believe after the show airs, the contributions the celebrity leaders made to krumping will make it very popular in China.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)