“Street Dance of China 3” Crowns New Champion, Keven Yang Kai, from Wang Yibo’s Team “Yibo Wang Zha Boom!”

"Street Dance of China 3" Crowns New Champion, Keven Yang Kai, from Wang Yibo's Team "Yibo Wang Zha Boom!"

After three months of intense competition, Youku’s “Street Dance of China 3” (这!就是街舞3) held the live finale on October 3. It was a star studded concert as it invited team leaders from previous seasons like Han Geng (韩庚), Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and Jackson Yee (易烊千玺), and artists like THE9’s Liu Yuxin (刘雨昕), and newly formed boy group, S.K.Y, and more to perform. Each team leader also had a collaborative performance with their teammates. The show started streaming from 4:30 pm and the final winner was announced around 12:30 am.

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Opening dance sequence by the four leaders

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The final 8 contestants consisted of:

Jackson Wang’s team: Lin Li Chunlin and Lil Chao (Jiang Dechao)
Wang Yibo’s team: Keven Yang Kai and Bouboo
Wallace Chung’s team: Bingo Xiao Zhibin and AK Dong
Lay Zhang’s team: George (Qiao Zhi) and Sharkbomb

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George from Lay Zhang’s “Nuclear [Xing] Weapon” team did a performance where he hit the drums 29 times while doing a handstand as a tribute to Lay Zhang’s 29th birthday on October 7. After hearing George’s speech, Lay Zhang was in tears.

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Lay Zhang getting emotional hearing George talk about dedicating the performance to him.

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The final 4 battle consisted of Lil Chao vs. Bingo Xiao Zhibin and Keven Yang Kai vs. Bouboo. For Keven and Bouboo’s battle, Wang Yibo’s “No Feelings”/ “No Sense” was played in the beginning. Many netizens felt it was cruel to have the dancers from Team “Yibo Wang Zha Boom!” to be eliminated to their leader’s song.

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There was also some controversy during the final 4 to 2 battle as they didn’t spin the bottle, which has been the tradition for past seasons. For this season, they drew lots instead. Netizens immediately went to Weibo and complained the competition was rigged. The hashtag “Why was there no bottle spin for the 4 to 2 battle” was trending at #3 on Weibo. Many people felt Bouboo was robbed for not making it to the final 2 battle. One netizen went as far as suggesting the audience should scream, “This is rigged.” when the winner is announced. Netizens said, “This is shady.” and “This is scripted.” Many netizens have also expressed Bouboo didn’t win or wouldn’t win because he wasn’t Chinese.

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There was a clip showing Bouboo’s girlfriend, Nikki Chen (陳妍臻), seen on the sidelines tearing a bit after he was eliminated.

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She also posted shortly after the finale cheering on Bouboo. She wrote, “I still couldn’t hold it in and cried on stage today. It was really not easy to watch all the hard work you invested these past few months. From the open auditions to today, no matter what your rank is, you are the champion in my heart. I am very touched for all the hard work Bouboo has invested into street dance culture all along. After today ends, the excitement of the future is just about to begin! Also want to thank everyone for supporting Bouboo! Also very thankful to Street Dance 3 for letting Bouboo have the opportunity to be seen in China. He is fighting for dance! Fighting for love! Lastly, thank you leader @UNIQ-王一博 again for your support and love for him. I’m so proud of you @Bouboocriminalz.”

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Wang Yibo was also seen teary eyed.

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Produce 101 China trainee, Gao Qiuzhi, who was at the finale also expressed her sentiments about Bouboo saying, “Bouboo, you are #1 in my heart. Unbeliveable, amazing. Watching you dance is such an enjoyment. Your moves are so comfortable. Yibo Wang Zha Boom! is the best!”

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The final 2 came down to Lil Chao battling Keven Yang Kai with the latter winning the first two rounds. After three rounds of battling, Keven Yang Kai from Wang Yibo’s “Yibo Wang Zha Boom!” was announced as the champion of “Street Dance of China 3”. Wang Yibo made a quick speech saying, “I’m really touched. Kai-ge has been persisting so long as a b-boy. I love street dance culture too much. I hope street dance will keep getting better and better in the future. China Street Dance is awesome!!!”.

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Lil Chao vs. Keven Yang Kai – Third round
Wang Yibo’s official Weibo uploaded a picture showing the back view of Wang Yibo hugging Keven Yang Kai after he was announced as the winner.

Before the finale ended, there was a video clip showing dancers from all over the world saying they will be joining the next season of “Street Dance of China”. Due to the backlash from the netizens thinking the show was rigged and racist, many netizens aren’t looking forward to next season.

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