Lay Zhang: You Can Ridicule Me, But Don’t Ridicule Hard Work

Lay Zhang You Can Ridicule Me, But Don't Ridicule Hard Work

Lay Zhang (张艺兴) recently sat down with Sina Entertainment for an interview where he talked about various topics. On the day of the interview, Sina reported Lay Zhang had to go to the hospital the previous night to get emergency treatment as he sustained an injury during dance practice. He was seen with bandage wrapped around his leg and walking with a limp.

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When it comes to talking about his spirit, Lay Zhang explains there are three things he abides by: knowing to be grateful, working hard, and making good choices. Aside from balance, Lay Zhang often refers to hard work as a key component to success. The words “hard work” are even part of his Weibo account handle. However, his persistence in hard work has sometimes brought him ridicule. To this, he responded, “I think hard work is a must have requirement for success, but it doesn’t mean working hard will definitely equate to success. Everyone ridiculing hard work is not that good. You can ridicule me, but don’t ridicule hard work. Everyone who works hard deserves to be respected.”

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On whether he has ever considered to use his own strengths to change the public’s perspectives about idols, Lay Zhang explained, “I think there are a lot of idols who have a lot of strengths, including Yibo, who dances very well. Jia’er also dances very well. We are all idols and dance very well. I think this bias requires time and pieces of work to overcome it. So I hope there are more pieces of work to give to everyone. Also hope everyone won’t have a biased view of the idol profession. There will definitely be good idols waiting for everyone to discover.”

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Lay Zhang was also asked about his dance battle with Wallace Chung on “Street Dance of China 3”. Lay Zhang has this to say, “I extremely respect Chung-laoshi. It’s just like what a lot of dancers said before, Chung-laoshi represents a certain spirit in dancing. He did all the challenges. So I think Wallace Chung laoshi is a street dance leader who deserves extreme respect.”

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Aside from “Street Dance of China 3” (这!就是街舞3), Lay Zhang was also filming for series, “Challenges at Midlife” (落花时节), around the same time. He primarily spent the day filming while practicing dance at night. He once said, “I felt like one day’s time was used like it was three day’s worth of time.”

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Because of his tight schedule, Lay Zhang has been criticized in the past for being excessive when he was seen making music at the airport. He explained, “No one wants to make music at an airport. If it’s done at the airport, it’s because the song needs audio mixing. The multi-track needs to be sent to the audio technician…If people haven’t personally experienced these things before, they wouldn’t know a song’s entire production process, the production time. So it’s okay. This is different for everyone. I definitely don’t want to be taking out my laptop at the airport either. Why would I want to make music at the airport? Listening to music, making music, checking the file at the airport, it’s all because there isn’t enough time.”

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Lastly, when asked about changes in his life after raising a cat, Lay Zhang said, “Not as lonely.”

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Lay Zhang You Can Ridicule Me, But Don't Ridicule Hard Work

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  1. He likes people who work hard, I have a been a fan of Yixing since 2013, but I think that in that aspect he is a bit wrong, not everything is exaggerated work as he does, he is spending his best moments working exaggeratedly and it is bringing consequences in your health, Yixing animate, take care of your health, find a girlfriend !! The other mentors must have secret girlfriends even I think Wallace is married, Jackson has a girlfriend in US and Yibo had dating rumors since 2018 with a rich girl, the only one who works hard is you Yixing is not fair, you must live happily my beloved sheep Yixing❤

  2. Wow, let the haters hate.
    Zhang Yixing is such a great person, and I’m not even into EXO or even his music that much. But I appreciate him as an artist and human being. Very humble and respectful!! Jiayou

  3. Who gives anyone any right to ridicule or criticise anyone? What? Do they think they are better than everyone else. Unless they have done it themself, they have no idea what is hard work.

    I think Yixing is amazing and he is making the most of his time to make music when it inspired him. Why can’t he do it in the airport or anywhere else for that matter?

    I think he is a very caring guy who works hard to be where he is now. Don’t listen to those people Yixing. You are amazing and continue to do what you do best.

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