Lay Zhang Comments on Lyric Lan and Jin Chen’s Praise of His Krumping on “Street Dance of China 3”

Lay Zhang Comments on Lyric Lan and Jin Chen's Praise of His Krumping on "Street Dance of China 3"

Episode 2 of Youku’s “Street Dance of China 3” (这!就是街舞3) proved to be “lit” with all the explosive performances from the leaders and the dancers. Aside from Wang Yibo, Lay Zhang (张艺兴) also received a lot of compliments on his krumping performance in the episode. It also caught the attention of celebrities such as Lyric Lan Yingying (蓝盈莹) and Jin Chen (金晨), who are both currently competing on MangoTV’s “Sisters Who Make Waves” (乘风破浪的姐姐), a survival show for female artists aged 30+ competing for a spot in a girl group.

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Lyric Lan saluted Lay Zhang with the English lyrics from his song, “LIT”. Lay Zhang left a comment on her post, saying, “Hi, Lan Yingying laoshi. Thank you for helping me type the lyrics. If you’re interested in krump, I can communicate with you next time.” Lyric Lan responded, “Great! hahaha”.

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Lyric Lan

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Jin Chen’s post read: “Yixing’s hat trick is so cool! The energy from a sheep’s hammer is really strong. Looking at it has made me crazily shake my head in the car! I also want to dance until the floor has a pit!”

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Lay Zhang’s comment said, “Hi, hello Jin Chen laoshi. Thank you for your high degree of interest and support. Pay attention to your neck when you’re shaking your head or else it’s very easy to sprain it.” Jin Chen responded back, “Ahh, okay. I’ll try my best to control myself! Ah Ah Ah Ah”.

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Jin Chen

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Jin Chen’s comment about the pit was referring to a post from Lay Zhang’s studio about their boss creating pits in the floor from his krumping. As it turns out, Lay Zhang had only learned for 6 months according to his krump teacher.

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