Zoie Tam Announces Pregnancy

Zoie Tam Announces Pregnancy

TVB actress, Zoie Tam (譚凱琪), married her boyfriend, Enrico Chong (莊日宇), of 8 years in March. At the time, Zoie Tam expressed she would continue working even after getting married. Recently, she was rumored to be pregnant when she withdrew from two series. However, Zoie Tam didn’t admit to the pregnancy rumors, presumably due to the timing. Zoie Tam finally announced the good news on June 30 on Instagram.

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Zoie Tam Welcomes a Baby Girl

She wrote: “Recently, I’ve been experiencing a wonderful journey. From the beginning when I felt my body was unwell, difficulty breathing, easily tired, and even coughing, it made me extremely worried. Afterwards, I immediately went to do the extensive throat exam and planned to get an X-ray. Luckily, the test results came back negative. Later on, I realized these were early signs of pregnancy symptoms. It was from this moment, I recognized there was a new life. Looking at my stomach growing bigger day by day, appetite growing more day by day, walking slower day by day, gaining weight day by day, slowly feeling your existence, there is a baffling sense of being moved. During this time, I will be extra cautious, from now on, I will use all my strength to protect you because everything about you is about to become my everything.”

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Zoie Tam didn’t reveal how many months along she is in her pregnancy.

Credit: Zoie Tam IG (1, 2)

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