“The Untamed” Assistant Director, Yue Liang, Answers Fan’s Request to Share BTS Photos with Cast Members

"The Untamed" Assistant Director, Yue Liang, Answers Fan's Request to Share BTS Photos with Cast Members

Even though it has already been over a year since “The Untamed” (陈情令) finished airing, the mania for the series is still very strong. One of the assistant directors on the series, Yue Liang (月亮), which translates to “moon”, shared a series of photos she took with the cast of “The Untamed” on December 28 after responding to a fan’s request.

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She wrote, “Yue Liang is here to deliver the pictures! Someone asked me for pictures with the cast from “A-Ling” (nickname for “The Untamed”)! Should I send it to her privately? Which one should I send? Let’s just forget about it! A-Ling is everyone’s! If you want it, come to Weibo or Oasis to take it. Before you take it, remember to follow me.”

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Yue Liang was one of the people who spoke up for Xiao Zhan when the “227” scandal hit. Back on March 1, she wrote a post defending Xiao Zhan from the hate comments and attacks he was getting. She wrote, “I just saw some targeted malicious words and language being used!! You guys are really too free. There are antis trolling during this time, isn’t it better to spread some positivity around fighting the pandemic!? Isn’t it better to play some games at home? Isn’t it better to watch more movies? Stay far away from negative energy!! The Zhan-ge I know is really nice! Able to endure hardships and is very hard working! Thanks to shixiong (senior male figure) for holding the umbrella.”

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