TFBOYS’ Jackson Yi Reveals Four Qualities He Looks for in a Girlfriend

TFBoys' Jackson Yi Reveals Four Qualities He Looks for in a Girlfriend

Chinese boy group, TFBOYS, are growing up whether you like it or not. The youngest member of the trio, Jackson Yi (易烊千玺), who is only younger than Roy Wang by 20 days, revealed the four qualities he looks for in a girlfriend in a recent interview. Do you fit these four criteria?

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  • Quality 1: Must have big eyes and be 165 cm or taller.
  • Quality 2: Double eyelids, straight A student.
  • Quality 3: Knows how to act coquettishly, can’t be too chubby.
  • Quality 4: Have bangs with a quiet and gentle personality.

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Jackson Yi is adulting in front of our very eyes. When he was interviewed at his 18th birthday party last year, he mentioned the first thing he wanted to do after becoming legal was to get his driver’s license. Back in January, netizens had spotted Jackson Yi at a drivers ed school. In June, he was seen driving his own whip to the airport.

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Jackson Yi getting out of his car:

His series, “The Longest Day in Chang’an” (长安十二时辰) is currently airing to rave reviews. Check it out with English subs here:

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Credit:, Weibo (1, 2)