Reporters Won’t Leave Nancy Wu Alone Regarding Ruco Chan

Reporters Won't Leave Nancy Wu Alone Regarding Ruco Chan

TVB actress, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), attended a function today in Central with male group, Shine, and celebrity Wyman Wong (黃偉文).  The media just won’t leave Nancy alone when it comes to anything related to her once rumored on-screen partner, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

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When reporters asked Nancy about Ruco’s recent marriage announcement to Phoebe Sin (單文柔), she happily congratulated the couple.  Nancy adds, “A lot of reporters contacted me that day for my response so I am going to answer everyone’s questions today.  I’m very happy my on-screen partner is getting married.  Our “Fist Within The Four Walls”《城寨英雄》, family is celebrating a happy event.  So I congratulate him.”  

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One reporter playing stupid, asked, “Who are you referring to when you say the “Fist Within The Four Walls” (城寨英雄) family?”  Nancy replies, “Ruco, my partner, Ruco.  When asked if Nancy congratulated him privately, she replies,”Yes, we actually have a group chat.  Once the news got out, everyone sent him a lot of messages, saying they’re happy for him.”

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A reporter asked if Nancy was invited to the wedding banquet, she responds, “It’s funny because I went to the doctor’s that day.  There were paparazzi following me and they asked me the same question.  I said, “I don’t know if they are holding a wedding banquet.  If they do invite me, I would of course attend to congratulate them.”  Then a reporter asks, “He didn’t respond to your personal congratulations?.”  Nancy repeats a few times, “No, he did. “

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Some netizens with too much time on their hands noticed Ruco announced his engagement to Phoebe on 09/09, which coincides with Nancy’s birthday.  Nancy’s response to this, “I really didn’t notice this, but netizens are pretty marvelous.  I do think he chose the right date because 09/09 is easy to remember and it stands for “longevity” (長長久久).  I’m sure a lot of couples will pick such an auspicious date to announce their wedding plans.  So I think he did a fantastic job.” 

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On Nancy’s love life, she responds, “I’ve been working really hard.  Every month I am traveling for work.  Even during my break,  I have to fly to Switzerland at the end of the month for a travel show.”  When asked about her once rumored boyfriend, Owen Cheung (張振朗) not showing up at her birthday party, Nancy replies, “We’re both busy.  Isn’t he filming “Justice Bao: The First Year” and “Airport Security Unit”《機場特警》? It’s good that we’re both really busy.”  When asked about Owen sparking up rumors with Zoe Yu (余潔滢), Nancy says, “Really? I don’t know.  We’re both busy.”  When asked if she would dig up the gossip, Nancy replies, “Later!”

Credit: Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Nancy Wu IG