Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin Announce Pregnancy

Ruco Chan Phoebe Sin Pregnant

Congratulations are in order for the newlyweds, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔), as both announced their pregnancy on Instagram today!  Phoebe Sin added the caption “Expecting Little Piglet” as it will be the Year of the Pig next year.  The couple just got married last month and when reporters asked about their baby making plans, they would always say “Let nature take its course.”  Many reporters had also tried to get Ruco Chan to reveal whether it was a shotgun marriage, but he has always denied it.  

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Ruco Chan was at a charity event in Sha Tin today and reporters asked him how he felt about the baby news.  He said, “Very happy.  I’ve actually thought about this for many years.  I’m already 41 and it’s not my first time dating.  I believe God gave me this.  It’s not easy to achieve something like this, but this time it has got me sweating.  A lot of friends had asked me whether I got married first or pregnant first.  I am not a machine.  We found out around the same time we were preparing for the wedding.  In the middle of the year, I’ve already said I wanted to get married.  I thought everyone would know I was hinting I would be ready to have a baby at any moment.”  

He also says he knew Phoebe Sin was pregnant around the same time they went to London to take wedding pictures.  At that time, we were thinking whether to reveal it first or not.  But Phoebe was suffering a bit at that time and both families’ parents were afraid the baby might be “petty,” which is why we hid it first.”  Ruco Chan says his wife couldn’t say anything, but she kept taking days off.  She was worried people thought she didn’t want to work anymore after getting married.  

Around Three Months Pregnant

Ruco Chan estimates Phoebe Sin is around three months pregnant, but reveals the due date is around April or May.  They plan on having the baby in Hong Kong.  As for whether he wants a boy or a girl first, Ruco Chan says he doesn’t care, but says Phoebe Sin wants to have a son first.  

Ruco Chan also posted a lengthy Instagram post reflecting on a lustrous year for him and relishing in the next chapter of his life: parenthood. 

Credit: Apple Daily, Phoebe Sin IG