Ruco Chan Ready to Have Children, Denies Having Shotgun Marriage

Ruco Chan Ready to Have Children, Denies Having Shotgun Marriage

As the hottest news today in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, more details are being revealed about Ruco and Phoebe’s pending marriage.  After dating for a little more than a year and a half, Ruco and Phoebe announced their engagement today. 

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When asked if this is considered a flash wedding, Ruco says “No, we’ve actually known each other for close to two years.  We need to see if our personalities match.  Aside from us, our parents  also need to meet each other.  Both families thought everything was okay, so our planning already accounted for everything.”

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On when the wedding banquet will take place, Ruco says, “Mid-October.  I want to handle the activities as low key as possible.  We actually wanted to have our wedding at a winery overseas.  Because my family isn’t suitable to fly, we are getting married in Hong Kong.  We initially wanted to get married in November, but due to work commitments, we settled in Mid-October.”

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Ruco added, “We decided to take the wedding photos overseas and share it with everyone.  We’ll do all the traditions, but in terms of the banquet, we’ll probably just have dinner with our families, so we might not be inviting a lot of friends.  It’ll be a simple banquet with a few tables.  If we do an extravagant wedding, we have to prepare a lot of things and make sure our work schedules match.  So we need to pick a good date that is suitable for our friends and family.  Both our families want to handle the wedding preparations as private as possible, so this is to respect the wishes of our elders.”

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Ruco’s response on this being a “double happiness” (雙喜臨門) marriage (shotgun marriage) due to the sudden marriage announcement, “We’ve been dating for a while, so it’s not fast.”  When reporters pressed again, Ruco adds, “I want a “quadruple happiness” wedding so we can get everything done at once (referring to having multiple kids and getting married at once).” When asked about having children, Ruco responds, “I am ready.  We’ll leave it up to fate.  The most important thing right now is to prepare for this wedding.” 

When Apple Daily Reporter went to the Marriage Registration Office, they didn’t see any notice for Ruco and Phoebe.  Through SMS, Ruco responded, “We haven’t filed the registration yet.  It’s no rush.” 

Credit: Apple Daily (1, 2), Ruco Chan IG

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