Phoebe Sin Rejected Ruco Chan’s Initial Marriage Proposal and Details the Successful Proposal

Phoebe Sin Rejected Ruco Chan's Initial Marriage Proposal and Details the Successful Proposal

In today’s “Scoop”《東張西望》, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) revealed she actually rejected Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) first marriage proposal.  Ruco’s proposal in London is actually not the first time.  

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Phoebe reveals, “That first time, he actually folder a paper heart shaped ring and put it on my finger when I was sleeping.  I wasn’t aware until the next morning.  I asked him “What does this mean?”.  Of course I didn’t accept, he then told me to open the paper ring.  There were a lot of things written on it.  He actually folded the ring himself.  It was a surprise to me, because I didn’t think he would know how to fold it and the effort he put into it.  I’ve told him before I’ve wanted him to do more special things on my birthday or special occasions, but he’s so busy so it’s rare to have opportunities like this.  At that point, I was touched, but I still didn’t accept.”

On the successful proposal, Phoebe details, “Later on, we went to London to vacation together.  I went to school in London and there is a place I really like, so he took me there and in front of a bus, he kneeled in public and proposed to me.”  The TVB reporter asks Phoebe if she thought Ruco wouldn’t be brave enough to propose in public, her response, “It’s not that he isn’t brave enough, but he is a public figure after all, and it’s hard when there are so many people.  I thought it would happen when it’s just the two of us, in private.  I never thought he would propose in public.  So I am very touched.”  The reporter asks, “Was he also very emotional at the time?” Phoebe laughs and responds, “He’s always very “chok.”

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Phoebe on how her family views Ruco and whether they’re happy about the marriage news, “They are happy.  They think he’s very traditional and serious.  Most importantly they think he’s a very good man and very filial So if I’m with him, he’ll take good care of me.”  When asked how much points her family gives Ruco, Phoebe says, “They didn’t mark him, but are very satisfied and actually scold me all the time.”  On how much points Ruco deserves to her, Phoebe happily says “Over 100!”

Through “Scoop”, Ruco reveals about the proposal, “It took some planning, because we had to find a bus in London and I had to kneel in public to propose.  These were all requested by Phoebe because she said “When you’re acting, it’s so romantic.”, I tell her acting and reality are different.  She said no, we need that scene, that’s why we purposely chose that location.”

Credit: TVB Scoop, Apple Daily

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