Chrissie Chau Suing Management Company Over Unpaid Wages

Chrissie Chau Suing GME for Unpaid Wages

It has been revealed model and actress, Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) is suing her management company, GME Holdings Limited (環球狂熱文化控股有限公司), for alleged unpaid wages.   Sources say a lawsuit has been filed with the high courts in Hong Kong yesterday by Chrissie’s lawyer.  It is alleged GME owes Chrissie 3.55 million HKD in unpaid wages.  She is suing GME for violating the contract agreement, unpaid wages, and also requesting the courts to dissolve her contract with GME.  

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Chrissie Chau’s Beginnings

Chrissie was discovered by her manager and GME founder and ceo, Roy Kwong (鄺君賢), in 2008.  She started out as a model and struck it big when she released her photo book in 2009.  She later signed a ten year contract with GME in 2011 and turned to acting.  The contract stipulates a 60/40 split for each business deal between Chrissie and GME.  After GME receives the funds, they have 60 days to pay out the wages to Chrissie.

In the lawsuit, it is alleging GME never paid her full wages in the amount of 4.16 million HKD.  This past July, Chrissie’s camp sent a legal notice to GME to recuperate the unpaid wages, but was only able to retrieve around 608,000 HKD.  This prompted her to file a lawsuit to recuperate the remaining wages. 

GME Countersuing Chrissie Chau

GME and Roy Kwong sent out a formal notice in response to the lawsuit, “There have not been any discord over the percentage splits or profit sharing between Ms. Chau and GME until contract renewal discussions started a few months ago.  The claims in the lawsuit are not valid.  It is saddening that Ms. Chau has took this course of action, but GME must defend and protect ourselves over the claims.  As for the contract renewal negotiations, we have already filed a civil lawsuit against Ms. Chau and will seek compensation to recover our losses.”

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3 thoughts on “Chrissie Chau Suing Management Company Over Unpaid Wages

  1. Numbers don’t lie. Let the courts prove who’s at fault. Could the company be holding her wages until she resigns with them? 60/40 split seems a lot and I wouldn’t want a management company to hold my wages for up to 60 days.

    1. Yeah sounds like her mgmt co. wants her to resign before releasing her wages. And what losses has the co. suffered due to stalled negotiations? Sounds shady!

      1. It seems pretty evident that money is owed and should be remitted to Chrissie right away. This is a waste of everyone’s time and money.

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