Marine Lee Leaving TVB After Being Frozen for 6 Months

Marine Lee Leaving TVB After Being Frozen for 6 Months

TVB actress, Marine Lee (李綺雯) joined TVB in 2006, but mostly had supporting roles. She was recently seen in “Of Greed And Ants”, “The Dripping Sauce”, and “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”. She also had a small role as a busy mom focusing on her child’s studies and neglects her mother, played by Helen Law, at a nursing home, in “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV).

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She created a post on her personal Facebook account on March 16, which stirred up people’s curiosity: “Unemployed right now. Welcome to discuss behind the scenes and in front of the camera work. Open to waiting at a cafe or working in a kitchen, if you are hiring.”

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In an interview with Ming Pao, she revealed her contract with TVB is up in April and will be leaving the company. She emphasized parting from TVB was a mutual decision from both parties. She didn’t have a management contract with TVB and says the impact might not be that big. Marine Lee also created a Youtube channel and asked people to subscribe.

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When spoke to Marine Lee, she admitted she was frozen by TVB due to political differences. She expressed, “Starting from April, I was frozen for half a year.” (Why were you frozen?) “Political views. I didn’t say it before because I couldn’t confirm whether I was frozen or not. I can confirm it now.”

As it turns out, Marine Lee had often posted about her views on the current political climate in Hong Kong. Marine Lee also participated in the June 16th march last year in protest of the Extradition Law. She even shared the situation at the march on IG stories. She showed pedestrians clearing up and picking up garbage to clear the roads for ambulances. Marine Lee included the caption: “The roads were created by the pedestrians. This road has 2 million people walking together. We Love, We Care, We Defend.”

In July, she also took a picture in front of a Lennon Wall and wrote, “Districts separate people, it shouldn’t be about color, but about conscience.”

Credit: hk01, Ming Pao, Marine Lee IG, Marine Lee FB

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