Roxanne Tong is Accustomed to Being Single

Roxanne Tong is Accustomed to Being Single

Ever since Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Joey Law (羅天宇) broke up, she has been rumored with Elaine Yiu’s ex-boyfriend, Bong Cheng (鄭子邦), and Hawick Lau (劉愷威). However, she has denied dating either of them. Her friends are anxious for her and have been setting her up. Roxanne Tong revealed, “My mentality is to leave it up to fate. If I meet someone, I’ll meet him. I don’t like (being set up). Even if you create the opportunity, the other party has to be suitable. I did bring this up with friends. It’s better to give them my number so we can both chat first and understand each other’s personalities before going on a date. I don’t want to go out on a date yet, but can’t just rely on listening to the voice on the phone. Only limited to texting. Haha!”

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Roxanne Tong also revealed there have been men who have tried to meet her through friends, but after communicating through text, she discovered they weren’t suitable for each other. She said, “He didn’t seem to really understand my work. He really wanted to set up a date, but I didn’t want to! My friends said I was so troublesome because I said I wanted to talk 2 or 3 months first to understand each other. They said the men nowadays won’t do this.”

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She admits the first year after the break up, she wanted to start dating, but that soon changed, “I’ve accustomed to being single. Everything starts off with me being the priority. It’s very comfortable. After I started dating, once I wake up, I will think about the other person, wherever I go I would think of him. Right now I am trying to make some money first and I’m not really in a hurry. If I do date in the future, I might not reveal it. I like to be low key when it comes to relationships, but if I’m asked about it, I won’t deny it.”

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