Kaki Leung Returns to TVB After Leaving a Year Ago

Kaki Leung Returns to TVB After Leaving a Year Ago

Former TVB actress, Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪), was reportedly frozen in 2019 after a social media post that seemed to show support for the Hong Kong protests. Her name was removed from the latest season of “Sidewalk Scientist” (學是學非), where she was a major cast member. In April 2020, it was rumored she was leaving TVB after 13 years with the company upon expiration of her contract.

After leaving TVB, Kaki Leung opened an online clothing shop with a friend. She also continued to film commercials and attend events. In February, she returned to host a show for RTHK. It was recently revealed Kaki Leung is confirmed to be returning to TVB to host a a new show about breakfast (關於早餐的一些事).

Kaki Leung spoke with hk01.com about her return to TVB. She said she can’t reveal much about the show, but did say, “In my world, eating is the most important. Opening the TV is really good for me. The show is constantly about eating, but wait for the details to be shared after a few more days of work. I hope everyone supports it!”

Credit: hk01, Kaki Leung IG

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