YUE HUA’s Trainee Survival Show, “What’s Your Name”, Starts Filming

YUE HUA's Trainee Survival Show, "What's Your Name", Starts Filming

Last October, it was announced iQiyi is collaborating with YUE HUA Entertainment to produce a survival show for their own trainees. At the time, the show was called “To The Top” and consisted of 15 YUE HUA trainees split into three groups vying for one debut spot under the course of three months. On April 12, leaks revealed the show had started filming under the new name, “What’s Your Name” (发光的名字).

Leaked pictures showed a group of male and female contestants wearing eye masks. Based on rumors circulating on the internet, YUE HUA trainees and artists such as Hu Chunyang, Aria Jin, Vivi Chen, Feng Ruohang, Zhang Jingyun, Su Xunlun, Ashley Zhang, and Cheng Xiao’s younger sister, “Cheng Chen”, are reportedly participating in the show.

The show will have 20 female and 20 male trainees participating. It’s reported trainees can’t take off their masks or reveal their names until they’ve passed through the evaluation. Based on some fliers circulating, trainees will be performing on 10 stages over the course of three months. In the end, two groups will compete to have one group debut. The show is rumored to air sometime in May after the “Youth With You 3” finale. YUE HUA artists are set to make appearances on the show.

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