Why was “Silly Keung” Filming with “Anita” and “Pretty” from “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold?”

Why was Silly Keung Filming with Anita and Pretty from Come Home Love - Lo and Behold?

TVB’s “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛‧回家之開心速遞) has already aired over 650 episodes. Many actors have come and gone. Sarkis Fung (馮奕森), who played, “Silly Keung” (傻強) abruptly left the series in episode 505. There was no prior warning or signs that he would be leaving the series. His character didn’t have a proper send off either. At the time, there were rumors that he might have been frozen by TVB for taking part in a non-TVB production. Sarkis Fung at the time denied it and said he was still working and that TVB was good to him, but he didn’t divulge further as to why he was written off the show.

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Fans had hope “Silly Keung” might be returning to “Come Home Love” after Kiko Leung (梁茵) who plays, “Anita”, in the series, posted pictures with him and “Pretty” (池美麗), dressed in school uniforms on IG. Many netizens started to wonder if they were filming for “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold.” Kitty Chung (鍾凱琪), who plays “Pretty”, also posted a picture of herself in a school uniform saying, “Working two days consecutively, so happy. All my youth memories came back. “Can’t guess” group!”

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When hk01.com reached out to Kitty Chung asking her if “Silly Keung” was returning to the series, she said, “It has nothing to do with “Lo and Behold” this time. We are filming a TVB web series. It’s a school drama filled with energy. Everyone filmed happily. It was very fun. Don’t know when it will air. I only know it will air soon. I am looking forward to it myself too. I’ve been with the company for over 10 years and have long desired to film a school drama. Up til now, I’m already over the age limit, but I’ve finally got my wish.”

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