Allen Deng Plays a Has Been Celebrity in “Mr. Fighting”

Allen Deng Plays a Has Been Celebrity in Mr. Fighting

The cast and crew of upcoming Chinese series, “Mr. Fighting” (加油, 你是最棒的), attended the press conference in Shanghai to promote the series, which is set to air on July 31. The series stars Allen Deng (邓伦) and Sandra Ma (马思纯), as the male and female leads respectively. It is based on a novel with the same name, except the “棒” character in “加油, 你是最棒的” is actually “胖”, which means fat. The literal translation of the novel is, “Jia you (Add oil/fighting), you are the fattest”, whereas the literal translation of the series is, “Jia you (Add oil/fighting), you are the best.”

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Allen Deng plays, “Hao Zeyu” (郝泽宇), a has been celebrity that debuted 10 years ago through a talent show competition. His character was once popular, but after 10 years, his popularity faded and ends up being a dried up celebrity. He starts to doubt himself as his manager and his company look down upon him and don’t pay him any attention. Luckily, he meets female lead, “Fu Zi”, who sticks by him through the tough times. He eventually becomes popular again through a series of event, but it also brings more trouble.

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Allen Deng Plays a Has Been Celebrity in "Mr. Fighting"

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Sandra Ma’s plays “Fu Zi” (福子), who is unemployed. Due to her chubby figure, she is always the butt of jokes, but she uses laughter to console herself. She meets “Hao Zeyu” when his original manager sells his contract to “Niu Meili” (牛美丽), who is like family to “Fu Zi.” When “Fu Zi” and “Hao Zeyu” first meet, she introduces herself as his new manager’s assistant. He thought the two of them were part of a cheating scam and had kidnapped his old manager. He eventually discovers the truth, but they slowly learn to appreciate each other with “Fu Zi” even becoming his manager.

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At the press conference, Allen Deng said he used 80% of his true colors to portray “Hao Zeyu.” He expressed his experiences were very similar to “Hao Zeyu,” but he didn’t feel sad for himself at the time. He also urged everyone not to give up on their dreams.

Credit: Sohu, Tencent, Sina, Weibo (1, 2)