Ekin Cheng and Stanley Cheung Could Pass for Brothers

Ekin Cheng Stanley Cheung TVB Anniversary Gala Show

Hong Kong celebrity Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) attended the TVB Anniversary Gala Show as a special guest and even performed his hit songs.  Fellow long haired TVB actor, Stanley Cheung (張景淳), who plays “Gung Yip” in “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞) took a picture with Ekin Cheng.  Once he posted the picture, many fans noticed their resemblance to each other.  Stanley Cheung also reveals, “When we were taking pictures,  I told him I’ve always liked him.  I thought he would only say thank you, but he said he watched my work.  I totally didn’t expect him to say that.  It sounded like he knew me, it made me really happy.” 

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Stanley Cheung also thought he looked like Ekin Cheng in certain angles.  Aside from netizens, his co-stars from “Come Home Love”, Mandy Lam (林淑敏) and Jack Hui ((許家傑) also noticed the resemblance.  Mandy Lam said they were “twins” while Jack Hui said “same same.”  Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) also said the two looked like brothers. 

It must be the hair. 

Watch Ekin Cheng and Pakho Chau perform Ekin Cheng’s “Days of Friendship” (友情歲月) at 4:54:

Credit: hk.on.cc, Stanley Cheung IG, TVB (official)

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