Lokyi Lai Posts Picture of Original “Come Home Love” Cast Reunion

TVB Come Home Love Cast Lokyi Lai Max Zhang Lisa Ch'ng Eileen Yeow Eddie Law Reunion

TVB’s long lasting drama series, “Come Home Love” (愛.回家) has already spanned four additional spin offs based on the titular name.  The current spinoff is called “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞).  It personally took me a while to get used to this new cast as 90% of the actors were relative nobodies, even third to fourth line actors that were now in the forefront.  

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My favorite cast will always be the original “Come Home Love” series with Lokyi Lai (黎諾懿) starring as “the man closest to god”, John Ma.  After working together for over 800 episodes, the cast really connected off screen.  They became good friends and would even have reunion dinners from time to time.  Lokyi Lai posted a picture today of a recent reunion dinner that showed the group having hotpot.  

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In attendance included a bunch of cast members that belonged to the “Cha, Lee, Sze Law Firm”, such as Eileen Yeow (姚瑩瑩), Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明), Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜), Yeewan Ho (何綺雲), who played Damon Cha’s secretary, Maggie, Eddie Law (羅天池), and Max Cheung (張達倫) with his wife and baby son.  Lokyi Lai included part of the lyrics of the opening theme song in his post, “There is a kind of love in covering the wind and rain in this world.” (在世間遮風擋雨有一種愛).  This definitely brought back a lot of nostalgia for a lot of fans.  Hopefully, we will see more of the “Ma Family” in the next reunion. 

Credit: hk.on.cc, Lokyi Lai IG