BTS Clips of “Story of Yanxi Palace” Cast in Hong Kong Promoting Series with TVB

Story of Yanxi Palace Hong Kong TVB Xu Kai Wu Jinyan Su Qing Qin Lan Charmaine Sheh

Popular Chinese period drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略), has captured the hearts of many fans and broke ratings records.  The main cast led by local Hong Kong star, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Qin Lan (秦嵐), Wu Jinyan (吳謹言), Xu Kai (許凱), and Su Qing (蘇青) were in Hong Kong to promote the series and even filmed some variety shows with TVB artists.    

TVB has released some interview and BTS clips that will surely make everyone anticipate the upcoming special.  The “Yanxi” crew couldn’t have come to Hong Kong without someone imitating their on screen characters. 

Wu Jinyan Sacrifices Her Body for “The Legend of Hao Lan”

Wu Jinyan Reunited with Nie Yuan in “The Legend of Hao Lan”

Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai Land in Taiwan to Promote “Story of Yanxi Palace

“Story of Yanxi Palace” Actor, Xu Kai Bows and Apologizes for “Cold” Demeanor

Vietnam Planning to Remake “Story of Yanxi Palace”, Fans Puzzled by “Mingyu” and “Consort Gao” Casting

Forced to feed Consort Bob Lam

In the first BTS clip, the cast is seen filming a “Cookie Beauties – Yanxi Palace Special” with hosts, Bob Lam (林盛斌) dressed as a very ugly consort and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) as a eunuch.  It seems Wu Jinyan might be a good chef as Xu Kai compliments her cooking after feeding him.  She definitely doesn’t seem like the stuck up actress that is described in the news.  Bob of course requests for heartthrob, Xu Kai to feed him, which he happily does and is smiling throughout the ordeal of having Bob molest him.  Then best actor, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) scares the Yanxi crew with his “cooking” of local Hong Kong dish, typhoon crab. 

Credit: TVBUSAofficial

Xu Kai: I like them all

Xu Kai Cried Repeatedly When Hai Lan Cha Delivered Fu Heng’s Last Words to Wei Ying Luo

In this interview clip, Xu Kai gets put on the spot during the Q&A session, on who is the most vain.  Xu Kai gives a very diplomatic answer and says all of “the older sisters are vain because they are all very beautiful.  Once we’re about to film, everyone is primping themselves in the mirror.  I think I just offended the older sisters.”  Then it was Xu Kai’s turn to reveal his question, which asks, “Do you like a type of guy like Xu Kai, who is “fresh meat” (小鮮肉)?”  Xu Kai answers, “I actually don’t think I am “fresh meat.”  I’ve already passed the [age.]  In the future, I don’t want people looking at my work to just praise for me being handsome.”  The host, Janis Chan (陳貝兒) is really good as she puts him on the spot again asking him which girl present was his type.  Xu Kai, the diplomat that he is, answers, “I like them all.  Older sister [Janis Chan], you are setting me up! I like them all.”

Credit: TVBUSAofficial

In this clip, Wu Jinyan shows off a little bit of Cantonese saying, “Excellent!” (頂呱呱) and “Hong Kong style milk tea.”  Then Xu Kai once again explains why he looked cocky and had a long face when he arrived in Hong Kong.  Read this post to see what he said: “Story of Yanxi Palace” Actor, Xu Kai Bows and Apologizes for “Cold” Demeanor

Xu Kai and His Ex-Girlfriend’s Turbulent Relationship Revealed

“Consort Ling”, Wu Jinyan is Speechless Upon Meeting Idol Dee Hsu

Credit: TVBUSAofficial

Credit: TVBUSAofficial, (for picture only)

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  1. I’m 61, retired, proud Iowa Sod-Buster’s Daughter, live in Tulsa, OK, USA. I have thoroughly enjoy watching these series. I have three I rewatch the most. Due to health, some days I’m down in bed and have to rest. So I rewatch these shows. Story of Yanxi Palace I bought, I rewatched it so many times. Like to buy the other series Ruyi: Love in the Royal Palace too, but its pricey.
    I make my own jewelry. I made note on some of the ones that really caught my eye. Been trying to find some of the beads used to make their jewelry. That’s how I found this page. Love the shows, wish they were in English. Normal I won’t watch dubbed movies, but these shows I watch over and over again. Love them. Curious about Chinese cultures in histories past. My son, 36y/o, and I talk about customs and history about China all the time.

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