Stephy Tang Bears Back for Movie, “Lucid Dreams”

Stephy Tang Bare Back Lucid Dreams Film

Hong Kong artist, Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) has reached new heights in her career again.  She stars in the “Sorrow: Crime Home” segment in director, Teddy Robin’s new film, “Lucid Dreams” (八步半喜怒哀樂).  In the movie, Stephy’s character is a sensitive and delicate children’s book illustrator.  Due to marital problems with her husband, she moves to her ancestral home to live by herself.  Once she moves in, weird things start to happen.  

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In order to get the dramatic effect, director Teddy Robin requested Stephy to show her bare back.  He says, “When people are naked, they are most vulnerable.  This is the scariest situation.”  Stephy also agrees and said she immediately agreed when the director asked.  She says, “I only revealed up to my butt.  If it fits the needs of the scene, moderate amounts of sexy is acceptable.”

As Stephy only has 20 minutes worth of screen time, she has to bring out the character’s inner feelings in a short amount of time.  She says, “In the 20 something minutes, there are big action scenes, fight scenes, I even experienced explosion scenes.  It was especially fun.”  

Watch the trailer here:

Credit:, Lucid Dreams FB

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