Stefan Wong Wants to be the Hong Kong Version of “The Rock”

Stefan Wong Wants to be the Hong Kong Version of "The Rock"

Former Mr. Hong Kong and TVB actor, Stefan Wong (黃致豪), is not just a pretty face. In the past few years, he has enjoyed success as a chef and a restaurant owner. He recently revealed he only has one restaurant left in Causeway Bay as he wants to focus more on his acting career. When asked if the restaurant business is very profitable, Stefan Wong says, “Not really. It depends how many partners you have. I partnered with four friends for this restaurant. It’s not really a big source of income. I hope to film more movies and web series this year. So I might not have that much time to handle the restaurant affairs.”

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Stefan Wong has been putting extra effort into working out lately as he will be playing a fitness instructor in a web series next month. He has always been fit and in tip top shape, but he has gotten noticeably bigger as seen in his Instagram posts. Stefan Wong says, “I hope I can keep this big frame. When foreigners think of big muscular guys, they will think of “The Rock.” I hope people in Hong Kong will think of me [when they see a big guy]. On whether it has been tough dieting, he says, “I’ve tried eating just chicken breast with steamed veggies before. It’s not as hard when you see the results and keep maintaining it. Maybe I’ll have a cheat day each week.”

Credit:, Stefan Wong IG