Zhang Ziyi Reveals Why Her Parents Disapproved of Wang Feng on “Viva La Romance 2”

Zhang Ziyi Reveals Why Her Parents Disapproved of Wang Feng on "Viva La Romance 2"

On the latest episode of “Viva La Romance 2″(妻子的浪漫旅行2), Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) talks about her relationship with husband, Wang Feng (汪峰), who is a Chinese singer. Zhang Ziyi reveals her parents were strongly opposed to her and Wang Fang dating. When they decided to get married, Zhang Ziyi says she decided she had to live for herself this one time, ignoring her parents disapproval.

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When Xie Na (謝娜) asks why her parents disapproved of their marriage, Zhang Ziyi candidly explains that her parents are very traditional. They couldn’t accept Wang Feng was divorced with a daughter from a prior marriage. Their relationship with Zhang Ziyi’s parents was so bad during the early part of their marriage that it got to a point where the words “Wang Feng” couldn’t even be mentioned in their household.

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Zhang Ziyi shares the time when she and Wang Feng had rented an apartment below her parents so it would be convenient for her to grab her things. Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi were going back to their place after dinner and once the elevator doors opened, they bumped into their parents and a relative. To cover themselves, Zhang Ziyi explained they were coming to visit her parents.

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Luckily, Wang Feng and his relationship with his in-laws improved over time. Wang Fang goes on to say that his mother in law doesn’t allow anyone to say one bad word about her son in law to her face anymore.

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