PSA: To Those Taking My Articles and Reposting Them Elsewhere

I recently found out a certain poster/moderator from a website/forum has been copying some of my articles word for word, from the title of the article, to the pictures used, to the filename of the pictures and posting it on their own forum. That website didn’t get my permission to use my articles nor have they credited me properly in any of the articles they took. I am also not the only one they take articles from. The only type of “credit” they give is just listing my name “38jiejie” at the end of each article. They don’t even include the direct link of the article they copied from in their posts. I contacted that website almost a week ago to have them take down the articles they took from me and still haven’t heard back.

There is only one person running this website – from sourcing the articles to doing research, translating/writing the articles, and finding pictures. That person’s website and maybe others are gaining views and possibly revenue for work they didn’t do. This drives traffic away from my site. It’s not right. Out of frustration, I am posting this to confront those copying my articles – please stop taking my articles and reposting them elsewhere.

If I could ask for a tiny favor…if you see my articles being posted elsewhere, please let me know. My email is listed in the About/Contact page. I now have Twitter and Facebook in addition to Instagram. The links are on the top right corner of the site.

Lastly, I want to thank all the readers who have supported this site from day 1.

2 thoughts on “PSA: To Those Taking My Articles and Reposting Them Elsewhere

  1. That’s terrible, plagiarizing you word for word and not even giving you due credit. Take screenshots and record each time they do it just for future reference in the event you want to take it further. Hope they get back to you and stop plagiarizing your work!

    1. Thanks! I’ve already taken screenshots and a video recording of all the articles they took when I first discovered it. There were more articles copied over after the first discovery. I’ll have to consider taking other preventative measures in the future.

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