Yuki Furukawa Announces Flash Marriage

Yuki Furukawa Announces Flash Marriage and Fatherhood

Japanese actor, Yuki Furukawa, who shot to fame in the 2013 adaptation of “Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo”, announced today he and his 35 year old non-industry girlfriend got married. The two registered their marriage on June 22. The 32 year old actor will also be a father this coming fall as his wife is currently five months pregnant.

Yuki Furukawa Welcomes a Baby Girl

According to his management company, the couple met 8 years ago at a get together. During this period of time, it’s said they went from being couples back to being friends. In Spring of 2018, the two got back together and officially became a couple again. Earlier this year, his relationship with his current wife was exposed by a Japanese magazine. The couple were seen shopping at a supermarket and later returning back to Yuki Furukawa’s home. Yuki Furukawa’s agency didn’t confirm the rumors at the time and said they wouldn’t meddle into his personal affairs.

On the eve of last Valentine’s Day, Yuki Furukawa was seen dining with former SKE48 member, Aya Shibata, fueling dating rumors.

Credit: ETtoday.net, Apple Daily, Yuki Furukawa Weibo

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  1. I’m so proud of him I watched everything he was in and I just love his baby she is so cute 🥺 I hope they make a great family!

  2. Congratulations for your marriage, be happy for a long time make beautiful children and listen each other

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