Mocomichi Hayami and Aya Hirayama Announce Marriage

Mocomichi Hayami and Aya Hirayama Announce Marriage

Another Japanese male actor is off the market. Japanese actor and hot chef, Mocomichi Hayami and Japanese actress, Aya Hirayama, shocked the entertainment industry by announcing through their respective agencies, they got married today. They expressed they already registered their marriage in Tokyo and have already cohabited together to start their newlywed lives. They haven’t planned the wedding or banquet yet. Aya Hirayama is currently not pregnant. The two first met each other through the 2007 series, “Workaholic.”

In Mocomichi Hayami’s statement, he expressed: “I am truly thankful from my heart to have met Aya. Her friendly smile and straightforward personality makes me feel a sense of freshness supporting me everyday. I was deeply attracted by this charm. To me, she is very important and someone I deeply respect.”

Aya Hirayama also announced the marriage news and was grateful to her fans on her IG account. She also expressed: “I was attracted by Mokomichi-san’s attitude toward work, personality and full of talented charm. I want to support him for the foreseeable future. I want to spend our time together happily. I hope you will continue to watch over us in the future. Thank you very much.”

Mocomichi Hayami debuted in 2002 through the series, “Gokusen” and got popular. He has always been known for his cooking and in recent years, he has been hosting cooking shows. He reinvigorated his career with his cooking show, “MOCO’s Kitchen.” He was even in Taiwan recently for a cooking event. He was previously caught spending the night with AV actress, Kaede Akina, in 2006. He was also rumored with the female lead, Misaki Ito, of the series, “Densha Otoko” and transgender artist, Ivan.

Aya Hirayama debuted in 1999 and also did some photo albums. She was once rumored with Kei Tanaka, Manabu Oshio, and Hey! Say! JUMP member, Yuya Takaki.

Credit: Apple Daily HK,, Aya Hirayama IG, Mocomichi Hayami IG

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