“Kindred Spirit” Actress, Celine Ma Tai Lo, Involved in Attack

"Kindred Spirit" Actress, Celine Ma Tai Lo, Involved in Attack

Hong Kong had a city wide march today against the Anti-Face Mask law that was passed by Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, on October 4. TVB actress, Celine Ma Tai Lo (馬蹄露), who is known for her role as “May May” in the long running soap opera, “Kindred Spirit” (真情) was at Mongkok around 6PM. She was involved in an altercation with the people there. She suffered an attack and appeared bloody after quarreling with other citizens.

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She spoke to reporters alleging, “I saw someone wrecking a Bank of China ATM machine. I took my phone to take pictures. Afterwards, they stole my phone and attacked me. I chased after them and they spray painted me and kept attacking me.” There are different versions of the story as to who attacked first. People in the crowd said Celine Ma Tai Lo attacked first. She is heard saying, “I hit someone? Come at me.” At one point, someone was dragging her away to stop her from taking pictures and pointing laser pointers at her.

An Australian reporter for “7 News”, Robert Ovadia, was by Celina Ma’s side after the attack happened, trying to calm her down. Celine Ma Tai Lo asks him to accompany her to the police station. He is seen accompanying her with their hands interlocked. Once they get to the police station, Celina Ma Tai Lo asks Robert Ovadia to accompany her inside even though he says he has to go.


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    1. Hey this meant to be peacefull..it has gotten way out of hand….please respect others opinions as well if you want the World to take you guys seriously.

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