A Look at Raymond Lam’s Dating History

A Look at Raymond Lam's Dating History

Raymond Lam (林峯) finally settled down when he confirmed he was getting married to girlfriend, Carina Zhang. yesterday. During his 20 year career, his love life has always been a hot topic among the media and the public. The main reason being he was deemed a bachelor with his father being labeled the “Xiamen Li Ka Shing”.

Raymond Lam Announces Marriage with Carina Zhang

Raymond Lam Posts First Ever Picture with Soon to be Wife, Carina Zhang, Since They Started Dating

Rain Li (李彩華)

His first rumored partner was with actress, Rain Lee, who he met on the set of movie “Stolen Love” (別戀). It’s said they dated for half a year and their relationship was like puppy love. Raymond Lam even brought Rain Lee to see his parents.

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Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)

Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were rumored to be dating after starring in the 2006 series, “Heart of Greed” (溏心風暴). They became a fan favorite on screen couple. Raymond Lam had once said he had good feelings towards Linda Chung. The two never admitted to dating though. It’s rumored Raymond lam was starting to get popular and busy with work, so the two did’t have time to see each other.

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Pan Shuangshuang (潘霜霜)

In 2011, Raymond Lam met the busty Chinese actress, Pan Shuangshuang after filming the series, “The Jade and the Pearl” (翡翠明珠). No one knew they were dating until an intimate video and pictures of them in bed were leaked. Raymond Lam admitted they did date, but had already broken up. It’s reported Pan Shuangshuang had met his parents, but due to differences in their personality and busy schedules, the two broke up. There were netizens at the time that said Pan Shuangshuang leaked the pictures to get popular.

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Karena Ng (吳千語)

Raymond Lam admitted to dating Karena Ng in 2013 after meeting on the set of the movie “Love Is… Pyjamas” (男人如衣服). Raymond Lam had even dedicated his song “BB” to Karena Ng. It’s reported he had mentioned he “loved Karena Ng very much” on 7 separate occasions. Even though they had a 14 year age difference, that didn’t stop them from being together. This was Raymond Lam’s most high profile relationship. It’s said Raymond Lam would often gift Karena Ng luxury goods and would often travel together. Unfortunately, their break up rumors started circulating in 2017. In March of 2018, Raymond Lam admitted they had already broke up.

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Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang Welcome Their New Born Baby

After Karena Ng, he dated Carina Zhang (张馨月) and the rest is history.

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