Rain Li Announces Marriage on Valentine’s Day

Rain Li Announces Marriage on Valentine's Day

Hong Kong actress, Rain Li (李彩華), took the opportunity to announce she is already married on Valentine’s Day. She posted the following post on Weibo, “Rain + Eric = Mr & Mrs Huang,” accompanied with wedding pictures with her husband. Rain Li’s husband, Eric, is from Mainland China and has businesses in the steel industry. It is said the two only dated for half a year.

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When Oriental Daily News reached Rain Li for a comment, she expressed, “We actually got married in China on February 2nd. We will be having our wedding banquets in Hong Kong and China later.” When asked if it was a shotgun marriage, Rain Li responded, “I will definitely share the good news if there is any. Because I have to film two more dramas, we already have a plan on having children. We plan to have one or two children.” Rain Li also shared she and Eric had already known each other for five years. She and Eric began to see each other often when she became single again last year. She said, “On my birthday last year, November 11, he went to pick me up at the filming location. All of a sudden, he kneeled to propose to me. It was really touching. I said yes.”

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Rain Li also expressed she will be living between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Her mother also approves of Eric saying he is very filial and feels very grateful about the whole situation.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Rain Li Weibo