Rain Li Never Thought She Would Be Divorced

Rain Li Never Thought She Would Be Divorced

Last November, Rain Li (李彩華) announced her divorce to her mainland Chinese husband, Eric, after 19 months of marriage. Rain Li suddenly announced her marriage to Eric in February 2019 after dating for half a year. The couple still lived separately with Rain Li staying in Hong Kong and Eric in China. Along with the pandemic, the couple rarely saw each other, which led to their split.

Rain Li and Husband Divorce After 19 Months of Marriage

Rain Li was recently interviewed about her divorce after completing filming in China for a series called “Modern Dynasty” (家族榮耀). When she announced her divorce, Rain Li emphasized it was an amicable breakup and that there was no third party involved. She explained that “something happened”, which couldn’t be resolved. There were also differences in opinion on their views about work. Rain Li says Eric was supportive of her career, but wouldn’t allow her to have intimate scenes. There was a time Rain Li used the caption “my most loved photographer” on social media, which received complaints from her husband because of the use of “most loved”.

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While it was an amicable split, Rain Li says she is no longer in contact with her ex-husband. It’s reported their finances were separate and neither party asked for spousal support. Rain Li herself reportedly has 12 properties in Hong Kong, Australia, England, Thailand, and more. She explained that since she was young, she always thought marriage was forever and didn’t think she would ever get divorced. However, she doesn’t think they should keep dragging it out if there are problems. She won’t be considering marriage anytime soon.

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  1. So sad to see, especially great couples splitting.People come and go in your life.At times for good, at times for Bad.Where have the Good times Gone.Believe you Never walk alone.
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