Karena Ng Says She’s Single, Still Friends with Raymond Lam

Karena Ng Says She's Single, Still Friends with Raymond Lam

Karena Ng (吳千語), known more for being Raymond Lam’s (林峯) ex-girlfriend than for her career, attended a salon’s opening ceremony  in Causeway Bay yesterday.  

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When asked about her current relationship with Raymond, Karena expresses, “We’re still friends, but there’s not much contact.”  On her dating life, Karena reveals, “I need to test the waters to see what I want.  It’s about meeting new people.”  A reporter presses further and asks if she’s single, Karena hesitantly says, “Yeah, it’s true.  If I don’t try [seeing new people], I won’t know what I really want.”

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On her dating rumors with wealthy entrepreneur, Brian Sze (施伯雄), Karena explains, “We didn’t spend much time to know each other, but it’s normal to date.  I’m not purposely staying single.  It depends on fate and whether there is opportunities to interact with one another.”

Karena Ng and Rumored Boyfriend Brian Sze Caught Cohabiting Together

Karena Ng and Rumored Boyfriened, Brian Sze
Karena Ng and Brian Sze
Credit: hk01.com

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Karena who is spending time between Hong Kong and China for filming, was asked if she would accept male suitors pursuing her.  She responds, “I’ll have to see if he’s sincere.  Both parties need to sacrifice their time.  It was like this in my previous relationships.  Once I had free time, I would spend time with my significant other.”  The reporter asks whether her previous relationship (should be talking about Raymond) was spent apart from each other than spending time together, Karena indirectly responds, “That’s why it’s important to take time out to spend time with each other. “

Karena also shares, “The entertainment industry is not ordinary.  Sometimes I won’t even be in Hong Kong for months, so I need my other half to be understanding, but it’s a bit difficult [to find someone like this].”

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