Raymond Lam Says He Has No Time to Get Married

Raymond Lam Girlfriend Carina Zhang Raymond Lam Says He Has No Time to Get Married

Hong Kong actor, Raymond Lam (林峯), attended the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards yesterday.  Raymond Lam has been quite low key with his personal life ever since splitting up with Karena Ng (吳千語) earlier this year.  He’s been so private about his new relationship with girlfriend, Carina Zhang (张馨月), that there hasn’t been a picture of them together, a stark contrast from his previous relationship with Karena Ng.  However, reporters were able to follow Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang vacationing in Tokyo together.  When reporters asked about his love life, Raymond Lam says, “Thanks to everyone for their concern.  The Hong Kong media is really awesome.  They knew where I was vacationing.  I’ve already mentioned I worked on four film and tv projects consecutively, so I wanted to take a break.  I went on vacation with those close to me and my family to relax a bit.”  

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When reporters asked if Carina Zhang has met the parents, Raymond Lam says, “I won’t talk about personal matters.  Since the media took pictures of us, I will admit to it.  But I won’t purposely share it with everyone.”  Reporters keep pressing Raymond Lam and ask if that means Carina Zhang has already stepped foot into the Lam household.  He says, “Overall, I am enjoying my life very much now.  I will still focus more on work.”  A reporter mentions he won’t have time to prepare for “joyous events” since he’s so busy.  Raymond Lam then says, “There is a joyous event lately.  My younger brother has a few nightclubs and he recently opened a new brand of clubs in Shanghai.”  

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A reporter then asks Raymond Lam, “Does this mean you guys aren’t at the stage to get married yet?”  Raymond Lam laughs and says he’s talking about work.  Then he says, “No, I don’t have time in my schedule.  We need to work it out and slot it in.”  A reporter then says he’s already at the marrying age.  He says, “There’s no such thing for men.  We have to put our careers first.  Work is very important to me because this is a dream of mine.  I hope to do what I desire while I’m still able bodied.” 

Credit: Ming Pao, Carina Zhang IG, Raymond Lam IG