Mat Yeung Says He Won’t Have a Flash Wedding, Says Lisa Ch’ng Can Wait

Mat Yeung Says He Won't Have a Flash Wedding, Says Lisa Ch'ng Can Wait

TVB actor, Mat Yeung (楊明), was at a promotional event today with the cast of “Fist Fight” (兄弟) to promote the series and also to rally votes for the upcoming TVB anniversary awards show.  Unfortunately, Vincent Wong (黃浩信) couldn’t make it to the event, but Mat Yeung jokes that they will prepare a paper cut version of him. 

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Mat Yeung also revealed he should be done filming “Airport Security Unit” (機場特警) before Christmas.  As for Christmas activities he is leaving it up to girlfriend, Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) to plan.  When asked if he bought her a Christmas present yet, Mat Yeung says, “I bought it already.  This type of thing, you have to buy it.”  When asked if it was a ring, Mat Yeung says, “Not yet.  She’s actually very busy too.  We only have a few days off so we don’t know where to go. That’s why we didn’t plan a vacation.  I actually have a soup shop now, so I need to handle some things that I’ve been putting off.” 

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A reporter mentions to do an impromptu flash wedding, which gets Mat Yeung excited and says, “I said not yet! Even if we did it impromptu, she can’t answer now.  I need my career to be stable in order to go through life’s big decision (marriage).  So I need to focus on my career first.” A reporter asks whether Lisa Ch’ng is willing to wait, Mat Yeung says, “Yes, she can really wait.”

Credit:, Lisa Ch’ng IG

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