Tavia Yeung Admits to Meeting Raymond Lam’s Girlfriend

Tavia Yeung Admits to Meeting Raymond Lam's Girlfriend

Former TVB artists, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Raymond Lam (林峯), and current TVB artist, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) were at Tseung Kwan O yesterday attending a function.  Raymond, who rushed from Shenzhen back to Hong Kong for the event, declined interviews, before reporters could even ask him about attending girlfriend, Carina Zhang’s (張馨月) younger brother’s wedding.  Perhaps, he wants to avoid answering questions about his love life.

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 On Meeting Carina Zhang

Raymond and Tavia, who were classmates in the same TVB artist training class, recently attended a reunion with the other classmates.  When asked if she has met Carina before, Tavia is flustered and replies, “I’ve seen her pictures.”  When the reporters pressure her again about seeing her in person, Tavia replies, “Why are you guys suddenly asking me this?”  A reporter goes, “You guys are close.  You guys had a reunion recently.”  Tavia gets even more flustered and bursts, “I’m so scared.  Why are you asking me this.  I’m afraid I’m going to say something wrong.”

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Then Tavia finally admits she has seen Carina once before.  She says, “I’ve seen her once.  She gave me a good impression, very nice.  She got along well with the classmates.”  When asked if she was happy for Raymond, Tavia says, “Of course.  Every time we see him, we urge him to get married.  It’s about time.”  Then Tavia is asked if Raymond listens to their advice. Tavia says, “He won’t listen to us.  He has his own ideas.  No need to force him.”  

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On Baby Making Plans with Him Law

As for Tavia’s husband, Him Law (羅仲謙), he recently finished filming a movie in mainland China.  They were able to spend Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong and Him will be filming a Hong Kong series soon.  When asked if this increases their baby making chances, Tavia laughingly says, “I hope you’re right.  Don’t be like this.  We talk about this topic every time.  I’m leaving now.”  When asked if there is stress, Tavia says, “There is no stress. But every time this question is asked, it scares me.”

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On “Another Era’s” (再創世紀) average ratings, Tavia says she’s not disappointed as the most important thing is word of mouth.  Ratings can’t be controlled. 

Credit: hk.on.cc, Tavia Yeung IG